Smart and Proper Ways of Wearing Lapel Pins

Typically, companies and organizations have enumerated their own rules on how to wear lapel pins for their people. It’s because these pins have a purpose of reflecting a person’s affiliation with a particular company, sports team or civil group. As its name suggests, they should be theoretically worn on a person’s lapel.

Generally, they are worn on the left side of the chest near a person’s heart. One reason is that wearing it on that side is considered as a tradition over the years. Another reason is that it might be covered up when worn on the right side if a person is extending his right hand for a firm hand shake.

lapel pinsNowadays, varied ways of wearing these pins can be seen in most people. Some place these pins in their collars and breast pockets or sometimes, people use them as cufflinks and buttons for their clothes.

Though they are decorative, they are used for a variety of purpose such as to recognize an employee, to commend an achievement and to distinguish a person as a member of a certain association or organization. With regards to the proper lapel pin placement, it may vary depending on one’s gender, clothing and what is represented by the pin itself.

Pin placement on a suit or jacket:

Most of the time, lapel pins are placed on the right part of the shirt, jacket or suit since the placement can get people to eye on the pin especially if it contains information about the person wearing it such as his name, formal affiliation and designation. Although there’s no known law for proper lapel pin placement, certain organizations like the military have codes and instructions when it comes to wearing the pins on the left or right side.

Pin placement on a necktie:

If a man is wearing a necktie without a coat, the lapel pin should be pinned in the middle of the necktie. But if he’s wearing a coat and a tie, it would be more appropriate to place the lapel pin on the left side of the chest.

Pin placement on shirts:

Typically, men and women wearing shirts place the pins on their shirts’ left side specifically near the area of the heart.

pinsIs it okay to wear multiple pins? Wearing multiple pins is perfectly acceptable especially if they are decorative and used for promotional causes. Examples include company or product advertisements, troop support and red ribbon awareness movement for AIDS.

Furthermore, wearing multiple lapel pins also shows advancement in the organization. Take the military as an example. Officials are ranked and promoted which can be determined by the number of pins in their uniform. However, there are strict regulations specified about the placement of pins.

How to attach pins?

They have a metal front face with a sharp point and detachable hook. First off, unhook the sharp point from the hook, pin it to a neck or shirt and re-attach the hook.

The pin must be in an upright position when pinned to any type of clothing. Check if it’s pinned on a strangle position or in an upside down manner. Ensure that the sharp point is tightly hooked at the back so that the pin won’t rotate when a person moves.

Generally, lapel pins are worn in various ways. Still, the overall mantra is to exude confidence for being proud when these are worn. It is because these pins are customized to signify special things. For soldiers, it could symbolize valour and courage displayed during battles. For students, it shows how well they performed in school. Whatever reason it may be, one sure thing is that wearing these pins is a sign of pride so it would be worn right.